SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Craig DeLuz and Ryan Brown are both active in politics and passionate about conservative values. They’re also both starting to consider the possibility of Donald Trump being the Republican nominee.

“My philosophy is ‘ABT’, anybody but Trump,” DeLuz, a Republican strategist, said.

He’s a former California Assembly candidate and Tea Party enthusiast. Deluz said he would rather stay home on election day, than vote for Trump.

“I could not stay a registered Republican if Donald Trump were to be the nominee," DeLuz said, "and I honestly believe I'm not alone."

He's not, but in California he's part of a minority of Republicans. A Public Policy Institute of California poll found that more than half of Republicans have a favorable view of Trump.

“It’s harmful to our political landscape,” Ryan Brown, chair of the Sacramento State College Republicans, said about Trump's rhetoric.

But if it comes down to it, Brown will give him his vote.

“Even in the general election I would look on a Trump presidency much more favorably than a Clinton or Sanders presidency,” Brown said.

It's no secret that California is a blue state. In a general election, a vote for Trump in California may not mean much.

But for someone like Brown, who would like to see Ohio governor John Kasich win the Republican nomination, or like DeLuz who thinks the current Republican front runner is dividing the party, the 2016 election is heading down a disappointing path.