President Trump's ban on transgender people serving "in any capacity" the U.S. military has caused sparked a firestorm of responses from people on both sides of the aisle. But perhaps no one is more impacted than those directly at the center of it.

Such is the case for Sage Fox, a transgender veteran and activist from Sacramento, who said she was "devastated" by Trump's announcement Wednesday.

"I was devastated at was very shocking," Fox, 44, told ABC10. "I mean, three tweets and all the work we’ve done for years now is being destroyed, gone? And based upon what?"

According to tweets from the President, the decision to reinstate the ban was based on advice from "Generals and military experts" who said that transgender people are a "disruption" and add "tremendous" medical costs.

Fox disagrees with that thinking.

"When I'm in uniform, I'm a solider, I'm a captain, I'm leading troops, I'm getting stuff done," she explained. "I don’t care what’s in someone’s pants, I don’t care who they love, I care, can they get the job done?"

As one of the first openly transgender people in the military, Fox knows this from personal experience.

Up until 2012, Fox served in the military as a man. It was during a deployment in the Middle East that year that she realized she was trans.

Fox then returned the States to take a break from the military and begin her transition to a woman. Not long after, however, she was advised to return to work so she could receive medical benefits for an injury she had while serving overseas.

Despite her transition, she was allowed to go back.

"For two weeks, I was a female officer in uniform, everybody treated me great, I had no problems," she said.

But after those two weeks, she was transferred to inactive status with no explanation.

"They said just take the orders and go away," she recounted.

That experience is what turned Fox into an activist. For years, she fought against the military's ban on trans troops -- a fight she's ready to take on again.

So, what would Fox like to say to Trump?

"You're fired," she quipped, before taking on a more serious tone.

"Honestly...I don’t think there’s anything anyone can say to him other than this is what the law says," she said. "There’s a series of checks and balances and he needs to be checked right now. Those who are responsible for checking him need to stand up and say no."