Clarisse Baca is thousands of miles from her home country.

However, she's determined to help those impacted by the 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday near Mexico City.

After seeing the devastating pictures of children being pulled from the rubble, Baca started fundraising in Sacramento for victims and first responders.

"Sacramento is a great community that whenever somebody needs help they’re always there," Baca, who moved to Sacramento from Mexico roughly 10 years ago to attend Sac State, said. "In the first two hours, I collected $1,000."

Baca asks every person who donates to take a photo with a sign she made that says, "Sacramento, California with Mexico."

One of those people pictured with the sign: Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

"I teach him tennis," Baca explained. "I sent him a quick text. 'I'm doing this, would you like to contribute?' And he was like 'hell yeah.'"

Baca also booked a flight to Mexico on Saturday, Sept. 23, to volunteer with recovery efforts. She plans to use most of the donated money to bring suitcases full of supplies. The rest of the money will go to either the Mexico Red Cross or Los Topos, a professional rescue team.

On Wednesday, Sept. 20, Baca made her first trip to a Dollar Tree in Sacramento, filling a cart to the brim with things like toothbrushes, ponchos, bandages and latex gloves.

"[My friend] was telling me that they need mostly cleaning supplies because people in the hospitals don’t have way to clean themselves," Baca said.

Baca asks anyone who would like to contribute to the effort to call her at 916-730-9191.

You can also donate to the Mexico Red Cross here and Los Topos, which is accepting donations through PayPal.