Lon Vallem is used to parking downtown., but not with new meters to park next to.

"I prefer not to see the meters. But, if they can make a buck they're going to do it," said Vallem.

In a 30-day pilot program, the City of Lodi has installed five parking meters downtown on busy School Street. The meters can be used for nine paid parking spots and $1 buys you a maximum 90 minutes.

So, why the meters?

"The meters came up as an option to address some concerns that were associated with employees downtown and also the business owners downtown consuming spaces in front of their businesses for a large part of the day," said Lodi Public Works Director Charlie Swimley.

Swimley says as Lodi has grown, so have businesses and wineries downtown attracting more tourists. That in turn has limited parking.

But not so fast says Sam Rehmke, owner of the Lodi Beer Company.

"Many of these are mom and pop businesses most of them are. Some of them are barely making a living as it is. And to put something in here to detract from downtown I believe is bad," said Rehmke.

The city will re-visit the parking meter option in 30 days and analyze their experiment and then decide whether or not to make meters permanent.