The founder of Room for Restoration, a non-profit organization that renovates rooms for children with incarcerated fathers, is Cassandra Vera.

Vera just finished renovating a room for a girl a few days ago and while waiting to accept applications and pick another family, she's making art pieces to fill up their new workshop.

She's hoping to help more children with more space.

The organization proves to be a calling for Vera after she got sick and was in a wheelchair for a year.

"My heart began to weep for people who were broken and had no way out,” Vera said. “I felt like I had no way out and soon as I got better, I got a message from a prison that I had reached out to and said they would like us to help children of incarcerated fathers. I know children. They think differently than adults and sometimes they carry guilt where they shouldn't and they don't understand why dad left. So, for us, it's a way for the dad to say, ‘I love you’ and it's a way for the child to feel valued, to feel acknowledged, and that my dad is thinking of me."

The organization uses items that have been damaged or tossed out to make their art pieces to show people sometimes what's broken can still be restored.

Room for Restoration is currently accepting applications for the next family to give another child a free room makeover.