LODI, Calif. — Dozens of dogs, chickens, pigeons and fish were rescued from a home in Lodi. Now, their owner is facing multiple counts of felony animal abuse.

The rescued animals were found malnourished, living in poor conditions and among dead animals. 46-year-old Mohsin Shah was arrested after animal services received multiple calls about the alleged abuse happening inside the home on South Fairmont Avenue. 

Animals rescued from Lodi home
Dogs rescued from Lodi home
Lodi Police

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When police served a search warrant for the home, they found more than 20 dogs, 20 chickens, 6 pigeons, a cockatiel and dozens of fish inside the home. Animal services is working on fostering the rescued animals until the case is over. 

Lodi Police said the best thing people can do to help these animals is adopt in general. The shelter is full and these animals will need a good home in the future, once the case is closed. 

Police arrested Shah, pictured below, and said he faces multiple counts of felony animal abuse.

ABC10 spoke with several neighbors living near Shah, who say they believe he's battling mental health issues. 

Police were not able to comment on his emotional well-being but did say they hope he finds any help he needs. 

Animals rescued from Lodi home
Shah faces multiple counts of felony animal abuse.
Lodi Police

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