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Family of dog tased to death by Lodi Police calls for justice

Lodi Police say the dog chased after a family with young children into their home and tried to bite them. The owners say that's not what happened.

LODI, Calif. — Aline Galeno was very close to her nearly three-year-old pet Husky Enzo, describing him as "loving" and "so goofy."

Tuesday, shortly after 3:00 p.m., Lodi Police say they received a report of a dog chasing a family with young children into their home on Sandpiper Circle and trying to bite them.

Several blocks from that scene, the dog ended up interacting with police and animal services on Finch Run and Robin Lane.

"[The cop] looked up at the animal control officer and said he was going to tase [the dog]," said Presley Quenzer. "He was wagging his tail just looking up at them. He could've easily put the snare around his neck."

She lives right in front of where police tased the dog.

In surveillance video images obtained from neighbors, the dog is tased not once, but twice before being dragged to an animal services vehicle.

Enzo then died.

"Enzo did not attack anyone. They should have not tased him," said Galeno.

Neighbor Hans Bruch and his 10-year old daughter witnessed what he described as an unnecessary tasing.

"Animal Control should have taken control of the situation because he has all the tools to deal with that and he didn't. And he kind of stood back and let the cop like tase," said Bruch.

But, people in the neighborhood where the initial incident happened, say they've seen the dog along with two other dogs on many occasions loose running around in their neighborhood.

Amber Ramirez says the dog in a pack killed her cat named RC last October.

"There were two huskies at that point coming back and forth circling. They would come across the street right here. The other one would be on the other side kind of like triggering the cats to come back and forth," says Ramirez.

But, Aline Galeno says it wasn't her dogs. She and her mother do own two other Huskies.

She vows to sue the city with the hopes of getting the officers involved fired.

"It's not going to go away. It's not going to get swept under the rug," said Galeno.

At the initial scene on Sandpiper Circle, Lodi Police say an Animal Services Officer tried to place a snare around the dog twice, but he broke free both times.

Police say ultimately they were trying to "control and secure the dog to protect the safety of the public."

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