A Lodi couple recently decided to take to great heights for their wedding ceremony.

Abbi and Callen Hearne, a husband and wife photography team, documented the adventure of Kimberly Weglin and Ryan Jenks, of Lodi, as the two were married in November 2017 on a spacenet, 400 feet above a desert, near Moab, Utah.

On their website, the Hearnes blog about the whole experience, detailing the couple's history and sharing photos of the bride, groom and everyone brave enough to be involved.

Trying to resist the urge to write a cheesy caption like “Love is in the air.” // it’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks since @_kimw_ and @slackinhigh said “hell yeah” (instead of “I do”) on the net 400 feet above the desert, but man this gorgeous wedding has taken the world by storm! I love seeing people inspired to do their own thing with their wedding day, realizing it isn’t about traditions or what you’re “supposed” to do, but more about creating a day that you can be 100% yourselves and anyone who witnessed it learns more about you. It’s amazing to me that Kim’s parents got to see this amazing part of her life that they had only seen in photos before. I’ve been posting a ton from this wedding (I mean can you blame me?) but the point isn’t to say “do what they did” the point is to say...do what YOU want to do. Brides + Grooms, you do you. And I’ll show up to document it beautifully. And we’ll all walk away knowing more about each other ❤️ @sketchyandylewis

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Since then, their photos of the couple's special day have graced the pages of People, Cosmopolitan, and various wedding related magazines.

If the couple and their friends selected this as the way the get married, one can assume they weren't afraid. But what about the photographers? Abbi Hearne, one half of the photography team, said she was really scared at first, but eventually cooled down.

"I am a skydiver, but being in dead air space, where you’re not moving, is totally different than falling from a plane," Abbi said. "It took some courage, but once I had my camera up and was shooting, I felt totally in the zone."

Get the full experience of the spacenet wedding at Hearne's website, thehearnes.com, on their Instagram account, or at their Facebook page.