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LODI, Calif. -- Take a ride past old, established homes on South Sunset Drive in Lodi and you'll find something rather new. Signs are jammed in front yards telling visitors and residents "Neighborhoods are for neighbors, not vacation rentals."

Nancy Mirko has owned her home nearly 50 years. But in May, she says, a home a few doors down suddenly became a weekend vacation rental for weddings, graduations and more.

"We don't want our neighborhoods becoming commercial. They're residential," Mirko said from her Lodi home. Mirko has a sign attached to a tree in her yard.

Neighbors say at least three homes have turned into vacation rentals in a one-block area.

Lodi's continued rise as a worldwide tourist destination for it's wine region is attracting more and more tourists. When it comes to vacation rentals, neighbors say they want the city to do something about it. When ABC10 called the city, we were told the city has received "no complaints" and "no ordinance is in the works."

"When you rent your home out to someone like that, I think it's on you to make sure there's some rules and guidelines," said homeowner Steve Jordan.

Jordan has a sign in his yard and says something needs to be done.

"They're in a neighborhood with people that have jobs and lives to conduct. So, we've had some real bad disturbances late at night," Jordan added.

A check of the Airbnb vacation rental site shows over 300 properties available in the Lodi area.

Nancy Beckman, President and CEO of the Lodi Conference and Visitors Bureau said, "We have dozens of VRBO's (or vacation rentals by owner) and Airbnb's here in town and we've had that for years. And we have not had any issues."

She says the issues on South Sunset Drive are the first she has heard. Nonetheless, frustrated homeowners plan to take their complaints to upcoming city council meetings to get their voices heard.

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