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New Lodi moon walking exhibit draws hundreds to celebrate Apollo 11's 50th anniversary

The all-day event at Lodi's World of Wonders Science Museum featured space-themed activities, fun facts about the moon and the brand new moon walking exhibit.

LODI, Calif. — Hundreds of families celebrated Apollo 11's 50th anniversary at Lodi's World of Wonders Science Museum Saturday.

It was an all-day event filled with space-themed activities, classes with demonstrations, fun facts about the moon, and the brand new moon walking exhibit.

Their moon walking simulation includes a body harness that can lift kids and adults with a backdrop of the moon. 

Uri Griner, an exhibit project manager, came up with the idea. He designed and created the exhibit after watching his daughter play at home. 

"Our board members, about 5 months ago asked, 'How can we celebrate Apollo’s 50th anniversary?'" Griner explained. 

"A few weeks later, I saw my daughter Tamar playing around in a stretchy swing, and she kind of made a loop in there and started jumping with a bungee cord. And then, I got the idea of making something cool like that – an exhibit that makes you feel as if you were walking on the moon," Griner added. 

He says it is was important for him to provide kids a hands-on learning experience while learning about walking on reduced gravity.

"History books are part of the past, kids need to be active to learn," added Griner. 

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