What’s 7-foot tall and 18 feet long made of instruments? Brassie the dinosaur of course.

It’s the latest creation by Bill Cook, a retired contractor turned instrument repair man. He's also one of the directors for Citrus Heights Community Marching Band.

To raise money, he auctions off furniture made of old instruments and his latest creation is a giant T-Rex made of old broken instruments.

"There are 45 different instruments. Most of them are tubas and Saxophones," said Cook.

The sculpture is part of a promotion for the Marching Band's next "themed" concert.

"This year is Jurassic park and Star Wars," said Cook.

It took Cook a week to build Brassie, and the instruments were donated to the Community Marching band over the years.

Normally, if instruments are beyond repair Cook will turn them into lamps or decorative furniture. The art pieces fetch a good price and the money goes towards the volunteer band.

"Many of the pieces have historical value," said Cook. "Some date back to the 1800's."

Brassie has a few tuba's that are old but, the dinosaur is not for sale. Instead Cook hopes the dinosaur will attract new members to the band.

If you want to see the band and the dinosaur then you can attend their next concert on Sep. 30 at Bella Vista High School.