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'It's scary': Residents along the San Joaquin River face flooding

Water surrounds the dozen or so homes on Airport Court, the river is expected to rise this weekend.

MANTECA, Calif. — As the San Joaquin River is just above the flood stage, people who live nearby are doing everything they can to protect their homes.

Boats have become the main mode of transportation for those living in the homes on Airport Court, just south of Manteca.

Trina Sparks, a homeowner, said the river is usually a couple of hundred yards away but now water surrounds her home and is slowly seeping into her garage. 

"It's scary because it brings a whole bunch of junk," said Sparks. "I picked up an ice chest out of the back. My neighbor lost his boat because he forgot to tie it up, but then it banked up on the side so he was able to grab it."

Other neighbors are wrapping black tarps around their garages to prevent water from going inside, parking their cars on higher ground and moving all items above the floor.

Some people are critical of the amount and timing of water released by the Modesto Irrigation District from the Don Pedro Reservoir.

"We can handle 26 feet of water behind us. That's not a problem," said John Wright, a homeowner. "Problem is when you wash out a road. We can't get in our driveways."

With the reservoir at near capacity, water is released into the Tuolumne River which feeds into the San Joaquin that now sits at just below 30 feet.

San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services issued an evacuation warning Thursday evening for everyone living on Airport Court. 

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