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In a sit down interview with ABC10's Liz Kreutz, the outgoing governor spoke on the criticism SB 54, often referred to as the Sanctuary State law and how it had "nothing to do" with the Newman corporal's death.

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Modesto Police Department served as a lead agency in the funeral planning for Corporal Singh. They are among the many paying their respects.

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Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson gave the first eulogy for the department's first ever line-of-duty death. He says he usually sat at the back of the room for similar events and never wanted to be at the podium. 

Singh was the chief's first every interview to fill a position at the police department. Richardsdon says Singh wore the American flag to every interview.

"He wanted everybody to know that he was proud to be an American," said Chief Richardson.

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Every agency in the county has had a part to play in the funeral planning for Corporal Ronil Singh. 

Turlock Police Department are among the many who have paying their respects. Yesterday, their honor guard stood watch over the fallen officer, and today, TPD continues to have a presence to honor a man who was once part of their department as a cadet.


Newman Police Corporal Ronil Singh will be laid to rest today among friends, family, and colleagues from far and wide. 

Singh became Newman Police Department's first line of duty death in December 2018 when he was killed during a traffic stop. 

His friends remember him as a dedicated officer, loving father to his newborn son, and a caring husband to his wife. 

For those in the Newman community and law enforcement, it is a somber day in Stanislaus County.