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It was a sea of law enforcement on a cold, crisp, yet bright and sunny, somber day outside The House Modesto Church.

Officers James Rinkor and Chris Serrano made the two and a half hour trip from Novato to be there.

"We're a family. When one of us falls we all feel it regardless of how far away we live. It's an honor to be here today," said Rinkor with the Novato Police Department.

"It's always a tragic situation when a brother in blue has fallen...we just want to support to our allied agencies and family members of the officer," said Serrano, also with the Novato Police Department.

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From Marin County to Monterey County to Union City Police in the Bay Area, all were in attendance.

"It's just a reminder of the risks of our profession. It's a very sad moment and I'm here to honor this deputy, this officer," said Deputy Jason Clark of the Madera County Sheriffs Department.

One officer who returned to her hometown to pay her respects. Ilonka Inerbichler is an officer with the Brentwood Police Department west of Stockton. She is from Modesto, which made it that more personal to be here.

"So it kind of hits home. I have a lot of friends that I went to high school with that work for Stanislaus County. And, this is one of my co-workers and she came out here with me on their last funeral," said Ilonka Inerbichler of the Brentwood Police Department.

Of course, officers near, not just far, made sure to be here to honor the life of Deputy Tony Hinostroza.

For Stanislaus County and law enforcement everywhere, an officer killed in the line of duty is always one too many.

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