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Law enforcement allies will be answering the call as Stanislaus County Sheriff's deputies mourn the loss of one of their own.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department operates at around one deputy for every 8,000 residents in the county. So with a portion of their workforce attending the funeral of Deputy Antonio Hinostroza, other law enforcement agencies have stepped forward to fill the service gaps.

“It’s an amazing brotherhood in law enforcement that we all step up to help each other,” Sgt Tom Letras said.

Agencies like the Modesto Police Department (MPD) will be returning the same kind of service that the sheriff’s department offered them in 2017 when Sgt. Mike Pershall was killed while off-duty by a drunk driver. The sheriff’s department was one of the agencies that stepped up for service coverage to allow the officers to honor someone they worked closely with.

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For the Hinostroza funeral, the department's service areas will be covered by neighboring agencies.

There'll be no change in service except for a city officer or another county officer responding in place of the sheriff's department. These assisting agencies will generally be responding to the areas outside of areas they normally patrol and into the county territory.

“I believe many agencies, as well as our community, have pitched in to assist with the arrangements for tomorrow,” said MPD spokesperson Sharon Bear. “We are heartbroken over the loss of Tony and honored to be a part of remembering him."

Here are the local agencies who will be helping the sheriff's department through this difficult time:

  • Modesto PD - covering the West/South Modesto areas
  • Ceres PD - covering Keyes, South Modesto areas
  • Turlock PD - covering South County areas
  • Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office - covering Northeast County areas like La Grange and Knights Ferry
  • Oakdale PD - covering the contract City of Riverbank
  • California Highway Patrol - assisting as needed

“We had offers from other agencies if they were needed,” added Letras. “We had enough of our deputies willing to work so that we did not need to pick up coverage for our other contract cities in Hughson, Waterford or Patterson.”

Shift coverage at these agencies begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday and will continue for the next 36 hours, according to Letras.

One more before you go... Deputy Antonio Hinostroza is the sixth line of duty death that has impacted that Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. ABC10's Lena Howland sat down with Sheriff Adam Christianson to discuss the impact on the "sheriff family" and how a department moves forward after years of heartbreak.