Authorities say police killed the suspected driver of the van that plowed into crowds in Barcelona last week, where one American was killed in that attack.

We’ve recently learned that victim's mother-in-law resides in Rancho Cordova. Linda Nunes is using her art to keep his memory alive.

“It's a mosaic and tile,” Nunes said. “It should be beautiful when it's done. All the tile we used, my son-in-law Jared donated to us, so he's like everywhere in the installation.”

Following her son-in-law Jared’s death, Nunes said it was hard for her to speak with her daughter over the phone while she was still in Barcelona.

“She said, ‘I don't think I’m coming home with Jared.’ It was really truly surreal. These things don't happen to our little family,” Nunes said.

Jared had met Nunes’ daughter and got married a little after a year together.

“Oh my goodness could he cook, always the life of the party, and he really was a kind person,” Nunes said of Jared. “He would give you anything he had. Material things just didn't mean a whole lot to him.”

Nunes has used bags and bags of ceramic clay to create a lot of the pieces for her mosaic, including Jared’s tiles. Jared had a pool and landscape business, and many of the blue and black tiles are his.

The piece will be installed on Explorer Drive in October, in front of an elementary school.

“It’s become a lot more special piece because of that,” Nunes said. “It’s funny, the things you don't think about. It's funny the things you don't say to people when you have time. Then you don't then they're gone."

Nunes is represented by the Sutter Gallery and you can see more of her work there.