Parents from a Natomas Youth Soccer League team are still waiting for answers from NorCal Premier Soccer and U.S. Club Soccer officials regarding when their kids will be able to play again, after the team was expelled.

Luzma Robles, whose son played for the Natomas United FC / AC Milan team, told ABC10 there was altercation between some of the players and the referee at the Natomas High School soccer field. The incident led to the team being expelled for the fall season, and four players, plus the coach, being suspended.

Many parents and players are outraged after they were notified that some of the players would be suspended for 99 games. According to Robles and the former coach, Adrian Castillo, the two teammates who received the 99-day suspension weren't on the field during the incident. Robles says the players were on the bench.

Tyler Heffernan, spokesman for U.S. Club Soccer, told ABC10, "The 99-game suspension referred to is simply a place holder in the NorCal competition management system until the hearing process is completed."

Heffernan says the "99" figure is a number that's put in the system whenever there's an indefinite suspension. He adds, "a hearing by a U.S. Club Soccer panel will be scheduled soon, and all parties will have the opportunity to have their stories heard. The U.S. Club Soccer hearing panel will then render a decision. If any of the parties is dissatisfied with the decision, they will have the opportunity to appeal to U.S. Soccer."

According to Heffernan, the hearing is scheduled to happen by the end of the week.

The NYSL President, Jes Vargas, says the board is meeting Monday night to determine when and where they will meet with parents.

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