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1. Person of interest in custody after 4 shot outside Colorado dental office

A person of interest connected to the shooting outside of a Westminster dental office that injured four people has been taken into custody, Westminster police confirmed.

2. Minimum wage workers can't afford two-bedroom apartments anywhere in US, report says

There is nowhere in the country where a person working one full-time minimum wage job can afford to rent a modest two-bedroom home, according to an annual report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

3. Ellen DeGeneres to visit NorCal during first tour in 15 years

If you live in Northern California you have three chances to see Ellen DeGeneres live.

4. Ripon "Toy Man" creates handmade toys for local children

It’s not Christmas and it’s not a birthday celebration, but every day presents are handed out in the small town of Ripon.

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6. Report: Workers need to make $27 an hour to afford median rent in Sacramento County

In Sacramento County, a renter needs to earn nearly $27 an hour to afford the area's median rent of $1,400 per month, according to the California Housing Partnership.

7. Fireball whisky covers I-40 after crash involving two 18-wheelers

The Arkansas Department of Transportation is working to clean up a shipment of Fireball whisky after two 18-wheelers were involved in a crash on Interstate 40.

8. It's 'raining' green crystals in Hawaii, thanks to Kilauea volcano eruption

In the never-ending parade of weird phenomena erupting from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano comes a "rain" of green crystals, which have supposedly been spotted on the ground after falling from the sky.

9. Ewan McGregor to play Jack Nicholson's grown son in 'The Shining' sequel

Ewan McGregor has been cast to play Jack Nicholson's screen son Danny Torrance in the sequel to The Shining.

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