NEVADA CITY, Calif. — It was a very heated city council meeting in Nevada City meeting Tuesday night a motion was brought up to remove the current mayor following her comments opposing the Pacific Gas & Electric's power shutoffs.

Vice Mayor Erin Minett, who spearheaded the motion, said Mayor Reinette Senum violated several codes of conduct ranging from "conduct of members" to "conflict of interest."

"How do we go from zero to 60," Senum asked Minett during the meeting. "From not hearing any of these complaints that you've put in writing here... Why didn't you pick up the phone, and say, 'Hey, Reinette, I've got this issue about this [PG&E shutoff] event?"

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Senum was vocal against the PG&E power shutoffs, pointing at that time to the negative impact on small businesses. 

Senum also faced backlash in 2016 when, as a councilwoman, she wrote in Facebook post that American law enforcement have "been given directives to go out there and kill." Her comments came after the 2016 shooting death of five Dallas Police officers.

Inside city hall there was a lot of confusion, frustration and questioning. Most of the residents who packed the small room were there in support of Senum.

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“I got a sticker right there,” said Pinky Zalkin. “It says what would Mister Rogers do? Because Mr. Rogers believed in kindness neighborliness and that’s what Reinette does.”

Public comment went on for hours. In the end, Senum apologized and city council members said they wish it didn’t get to this point and are hoping the can work through it.

”We haven’t had meetings like this before with people threatening us threatening to recall all of us because we disagree with one person,” said Nevada City councilmember Duane Strawser.

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