A new gym in Sacramento is letting you help foot their electric bill.

Sacramento Eco Fitness, which opened in mid-December, says it's the first human powered fitness facility in the state.

"Every time you're peddling the more watts you're generating and it's immediately going into the power grid connected straight to the outlet," said Jose Avila, Sacramento Eco Fitness.

Each time a person uses their Eco-Power bikes, it generates watts that are generated to power the facility during off-peak hours.

"We wanted to find something different something that was gonna give our clients something a little more intensive," said Avila.

Avila said it is working on getting solar panels as well.

In addition to cycling classes, it offers TRX and core strength training.

The gym is also dog-friendly in addition to being eco-friendly. They have dog walkers that come in the morning and you can bring your dog to the workouts.

"A lot of our customers have pets," said Avila. "They have dogs so we started a program where you bring your dog to the gym, you drop them off, they go for a walk and you workout."