Update | Oct. 22, 10:30 p.m.: Authorities say Norfolk Southern's crews were able to fully remove the derailed railcars off the tracks Sunday evening. Those crews are also beginning to replace portions of the tracks.

However, in a former update, 10News said Inskip Drive was reopen. That is incorrect, and Inskip Drive is closed until further notice as crews continue to fix the railroad and clean up materials from the railcars.

Susan Terpay with Norfolk Southern Railway said the tracks had been cleared of railcars and materials around 3:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Terpay also said the rail service is expected to resume early morning with trains operating at slower speeds. She says the next step for Norfolk Southern Railway is to remove all damaged railcar containers from the site.

Update | Oct. 22, 3:00 p.m.: Inskip Drive is reopen between Fennel Road and Coster Road after cleaning up the derailed rail cars and materials, according to Susan Terpay, a spokesperson with Norfolk Southern Railway.

Crews have removed 11 of the 19 rail cars off the track after the derailment Saturday evening.

The company says after they remove all the rail cars from the track, and they'll begin repairing the track.

Update | Oct. 22, 7:00 a.m.: Knoxville Police Department says Cedar Lane is now reopen for all traffic. Inskip Drive will remain closed for several days.

Update | Oct. 22, 12:20 a.m.: Knoxville Police Department says there were a number of rail cars as part of the train which was most likely a mile long.

There were no injuries from this derailment. The train is part of Norfolk Southern, and the company is looking into what happened.

A spokesperson with Norfolk Southern said there are an estimated 20 rail cars carrying shipping containers and one rail car carrying vehicles that derailed. No hazmat was involved.

Police say they will arrest anyone who is not part of Norfolk Southern that is on the track as it is currently a safety hazard. They do not want anyone getting hurt.

Authorities also say to use caution while using certain roads in the North Knoxville area near N. Broadway.

A press release from Knoxville police says Cedar Lane in North Knoxville will be closed up until Sunday afternoon. That will be between Rowan Road and Fennel Road for both directions of traffic.

The release also says Inskip Drive may be closed for several days, so authorities are asking for folks to find alternative routes before heading to work this coming week. That will be between Coster Road and Fennel Road for both directions of traffic.

Police say the rail cars derailed and ran into two different buildings.

One of the two buildings is Gerdau, a steel distributor, off of Coster Road in North Knoxville.

The call came in at 10:05 p.m. Saturday.

Previous | Oct 21, 10:30 p.m.: Knox County dispatch confirms Knoxville Police Department is on the scene of a train derailment in North Knoxville Saturday evening.

The call came in shortly after 10 p.m. Knoxville Fire and Police Departments are on the scene.

Knox County dispatch says the train is with Norfolk Southern.

One of the two buildings is Gerdau, a steel distributor, off of Coster Road in North Knoxville.

Police say at least 50 rail cars had gone off the track.

There were no injuries. Norfolk Southern is aware of the situation and looking into it.

10News has a crew on the way to the scene. We'll continue to bring you updates as we receive them.