More than 100 north Sacramento residents turned out Monday night to a community meeting to express concerns about Sacramento's latest proposal to combat homelessness.

The proposal — announced last week by Mayor Darrell Steinberg — would include opening two large homeless shelters, as well as 150-unit affordable housing complex in north Sacramento.

Residents who came to the meeting said they feel the city always picks on their area.

"The biggest concern is we’ve got a city wide problem and the city’s solution right now is all camped on us," Rob Kerth, a former Sacramento city councilman and north Sac resident, said. "It's just really shameful of them to do come to an older, worn out part of town, and one of the most troubled parts of town, and to stick it all here."

Tom Phayer, a longtime north Sac resident, agreed.

"I think other neighborhoods should share the burden as well. And at this point nobody is," Phayer said.

A representative for the city was booed by the crowd as he defended the proposal. He said the city is planning to open similar shelters in other neighborhoods.

While most who attended the event had their minds made up about the plan, some were open to discussion.

“I think the meeting that happened here unfortunately devolved into a mob mentality group-think," Jay Roth, who owns Box Brothers on Del Paso Boulevard, said. "I think the main fear of people here is that they’ll be an influx of homeless people that are just going to invade their neighborhoods. It just seems to be some kind of dystopian nightmare that I don’t really see as being a reality.”

Residents against the proposal vowed to continue urging the city to reconsider the plan.