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Oakdale police bringing Halloween back to kids after candy tampering incident

The Oakdale Police Department is stepping up for the kids in their community who were impacted by a reported candy tampering incident.

Oakdale police are providing some good will to their community after a disconcerting report that had some people take valid precautions and throw out their candy hauls from Halloween.

On Thursday, Oakdale police received reports of metal objects that were lodged into Halloween candy. A press release from the department shared that a parent had called police after finding small metal objects in their child’s candy.

Since the incident, officers have spent the past two days analyzing evidence and contacting residents about the incident, and they’ve also partnered with other law enforcement agencies.

No additional incidents have been reported, according to the Oakdale Police Department, and the incident is still being investigated.

Oakdale Police look to bring Halloween back to the kids

Police say that the alerts and advisement caused some people to throw away their trick or treat candy out of an abundance of caution, and some people were left with what they say was a “shared uneasy feeling.”

In response to the event, Oakdale police have invited community members to the police department on Saturday. The department will be offering free candy to replace what impacted trick or treaters may have lost.

All candy will be checked and scanned until the event to help save this Halloween for the kids in their community.

“Operation Halloween 2.0” will be held November 3 between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.

“Rest assured our officers are working very hard to try and identify the source of the tampered candy,” said Chief Scott Heller. “Meanwhile, we thought it very important to also focus energy on those impacted by this terrible event and clearly demonstrate, in Oakdale, good ultimately prevails.”

Credit: Courtesy: Oakdale Police Department
Oakdale police are looking to save this year's Halloween for the kids in their community.