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People near Oroville spillway anxiously wait as storm approaches

"We are still on edge."

Live Oak, Calif. — It's time for the dinner rush hour at Betty's Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Live Oak and besides what to order, there's another pressing question on many people's minds.

"Do you think the new spillway is working? After seeing all the work they've done," asked Aleksandar Tica, whose family owns the restaurant.

He was forced to leave his family business behind more than a year ago.

"We are still on edge," he added.

The entire town of Live Oak evacuated when the Oroville spillway gave way.

"As citizens we are worried about our homes, our families and our lives," Tica said.

Aleksandar knows what the community is feeling because he's also the Mayor of the City of Live Oak.

"If a situation like that happens, we don't want to go through it, we have to be prepared," he said.

When it was time to go for the people who were evacuated, many waited to see what they came back to.

"You know you have the initial devastation, the catastrophe and then you have the wake of the devastation and that's what we are feeling," said Chuck Reynolds, whose family has lived in Oroville since the 1860's.

Reynolds and Casey Lansdon, another Oroville resident, will wait to see what happens. They are hoping for a better outcome this time around.

"It's been a little over a year since all this has happened but it's still affecting us. I want to go up on the dam and it's affecting us. It's not like it's been a year and we should be over it and then we are questioning whether it will be the same kind of deal," Lansdon said.

People ending their dinner at Betty's believe they're prepared for the upcoming storm.

"I think it's something that you always think you are prepared for but when it happens you never are and I think most of us live that way. I'm the kind that says wait and see," said Ella Ollom.

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