Scholarshare, The Sacramento Public Library and News10 have cometogether to bring you "10 Books to Read," a new local literacy programdesigned for parents, grandparents and caregivers to read aloud andspend time with their children. Every month, the Sacramento PublicLibrary will hand-pick a group of books based on their accessibility,appeal, and straightforward plots. These selections will be listed onthe "10 Books to Read" page on, where you and your child canfind a new bookthat sparks your child's imagination. From classic family favorites tonew best-sellers, every book is chosen to captivate any child'simagination.

The Sacramento Public Library affirms that "when you read, talk orplay with your child, you're stimulating the growth of your child'sbrain and building the connections that will become the building blocksfor reading." Also, according to the Sacramento Public Library, "braindevelopment research shows that reading aloud to your child every dayincreases his brain's capacity for language and literacy skills and isthe most important thing you can do to prepare him for learning toread."

"10 Books to Read" is part of the News10 READING CONNECTS program to end illiteracy in our community. You can find "10 Books to Read" every month on, and help develop a life-long love of reading with your child.