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Shannon, I think it's tough for Sacramento to be compared to world-class San Francisco, especially since it's just 90 miles away.

One expert on Sacramento's “boringness," or lack thereof, is Patrick Harbison, public relations guru and a man once voted as Sacramento's most eligible bachelor.

How does he think the Capitol stacks up against the snooty Bay Area?

"Look at our Farm-to-Fork culture, we've got restaurants now rivaling those in the Bay Area, so when you hear a little bit of that push back, it's a little ego," Harbison said. "There's room for both of us. I encourage all of our Bay Area friends to come check it out here."

We did find some Bay area people checking out Sactown. I found Darren Schwab from Fremont walking through downtown Sacramento and asked him if he thought we're boring.

"No, not at all," Schwab said. "You got a partying going on down here. Clubs, Punch Bowl Social, the Kings. What more do you want? And Bay Area traffic is crazy!”

Jeff Yeelitt of Burlingame was checking out of the Sawyer Hotel when we asked him if he thinks Sacramento is boring?

"Yes and no," Yeelitt said. "Yes because all the politicians are here and no because I don't come up here very often!"

Well, come back soon, Jeff.

Plus, I'm sure our Sacramento basketball team will start beating on that Bay Area team shortly. Or, soon. Hopefully. Maybe?

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