Today's Why Guy question from Karen. She asks, "Why doesn't the election ballot tell you the exact postage to be put on the envelope?"

Thanks, Karen, great question. The vote-by-mail envelopes say, "place sufficient postage here." However, it doesn't say what the sufficient amount is. One stamp? Two? It's actually 71 cents worth of postage. Why not put that on the envelope?

We asked Janna Haynes, public information officer with the Sacramento County Elections office, who told us the pink envelopes used for elections are ordered in bulk and used for multiple election cycles where postage may vary.

"This will be the last election cycle where postage is required," Haynes said. "Starting in March 2020, postage will be paid."

That's right, when AB-216 passed this year, all 58 California counties will provide prepaid envelopes for the next election in 2020. This upcoming November election is the last one where you'll need stamps to mail your ballot.

Don’t forget to vote this year by Tuesday, Nov. 6!