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Why Guy: Why is the sky blue?

Before you joke, wondering why the sky is blue is one of the most Googled questions today. So, do you know why?

Today's Why Guy question comes from Cindy Edgington on Facebook.

Now, before you say that I must be running out of why guy questions, do you know why the sky is blue? It's actually one of the most Googled questions globally.

The most searched why questions are:

1. Why is there a leap day? (which will get to in February.)

2. Why you always lying? (which I'm not addressing.)

3. Why is the Sky Blue? (which is our question today.)

I did locate an expert who's able to tell us why the sky is blue, and it’s Mrs. Why Guy herself, ABC10 Chief Meteorologist Monica Woods, who lovingly explained the reason.

"I love being able to answer these questions for kids and adults! The colors are actually all available thru the sunlight in red all the way through blue, something you'd see in a rainbow but the blue gets scattered the most that's why we see it," Woods said. "Blue has a shorter, choppier wavelength.

There you go. Continue the conversation Walt on Facebook.