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Courtney Werblow and her family returned to their parent's burned home in Paradise on Saturday, exactly a month after the Camp Fire began.

What they didn't expect was to find their beloved cat named Timber. The Werblow family was hoping she survived, but they were not sure until they arrived on the property.

In an emotional video posted to Werblow's Facebook page, a cat appears out of the distance and walks right up to them in the middle of the burned house.

Werblow knew immediately it was Timber.

She started to cry as she called Timber over to her where a bowl of cat food was waiting.

Werblow said in the video, "You made it! You made it! It's okay baby. We are right here. We are here for you!"

Werblow told ABC10 this was a much-needed moment of hope for her family and parents who lost everything in the Camp Fire.

Werblow wrote on Facebook, "NEVER LOOSE HOPE! One month today since the fire, we received an escort to my parents' property & my cat Timber was discovered!! She’s alive. Praise God!!"

Werblow says Timber is a special cat. She got her after she married her husband and became pregnant with their second child. The property she rented at the time did not allow cats so she gave Timber to her parents.

Now, Werblow, her family and Timber are looking for a permanent place to call home.

To help the Werblow Family, click here for their GoFundMe page. To help her parents, click here.