PARADISE, California — Christmas Day was a bittersweet time for the thousands of Camp Fire survivors who lost their homes.

"We're absolutely joyful," Alfredo Romero said. "We're absolutely thankful. We have our faith. It's getting us through, but there is a time to mourn, there's a time to grieve, a time to laugh, and a time to cry. There's all these moments and our moment right now is in waves."

Debbie and Alfredo Romero have been staying at their daughter Allison's house since the Camp Fire destroyed the house where they lived for 25 years.

"It's this weird, displaced foreign feeling of like you're floating through life right now," Alfredo explained. "You can't put your feet down anywhere."

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Allison Corriea says her parents' house was the place to be for every holiday and family gathering. 

"It’s really tough when it’s a place where everyone goes. Its awkward," Allison said. "It’s the only word I can think of because we can't go back there."

Last week, as Allison and her dad were sifting through rubble, they got an early Christmas present. Alfredo explained to ABC10 that he wears four rings, all representing, "my immediate family." On the day of the Camp Fire, Alfredo took off the rings to exercise and forgot to grab them when he had to evacuate. 

"Putting those on always made me feel complete," Alfredo said.

After hours and days of searching for anything they could salvage, they found his rings.  

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"I feel like me now, for the first time in six weeks," Alfredo said. "I feel like I'm normal. I felt like my feet are on the ground and even Allison called up my wife and said I think dad is going to be OK."

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