A Woodland mother's plea to stop bullying is gaining momentum after she told us about having to pull her children from school after months of bullying.

Trina Stabler showed medical records and photos of her three children injured after they came home from T.L. Whitehead Elementary School.

Stabler said she pulled all three children out of school on Monday after multiple attempts to contact school officials.

"It's not okay and I wonder what they'll say," Stabler said. "Something needs to be done."

Stabler let people know on Facebook about her plan to speak during Thursday night's school board meeting.

"I'm gonna ask them why procedures were not followed, why there was no supervision, and how this could happen more than once."

Several parents showed up to give their support.

"We were reading on Facebook the last few days," said Clint Gonzales, who drove from Colusa County to be at the meeting. "If there's things like bullying going on we want to be part of it."

Another woman wanted to show support for Stabler after watching our story.

"I opened up Facebook and I saw this news story," Alicia Vidales said. "It said 'Woodland woman pulls her children out of school because of bullying' and I went to read it and I'm in shock, wow that's big things for our little town. Ten minutes later my phone rings it's my daughter. She's a staff at the same school. She had to separate two children that are known to be in trouble."

Stabler said she will not send her kids back to T.L. Whitehead Elementary School but is hoping to hear back from the school district.

We reached out to the Woodland Joint Unified School District, who emailed us the following statement:

"Within the Woodland Joint Unified School District, we take allegations of bullying very seriously. We do not and will not tolerate bullying and have a policy in place that addresses conduct taking place on school grounds, at any school-sponsored activity, or on school-provided transportation. The district is committed to resolving issues of bullying as quickly as possible to minimize disruption to the educational process. With any incident of bullying that is reported to any adult staff member, we follow the process of our policy and investigate the alleged incidents."