Walking your dog, riding your horse, wiggling a string in front of your cat… there's a lot of pet involved exercises.

However, have you ever heard of Averxise? It's a new workout developed by Kenneth Du and it involves exotic parrots.

"Averxise! It's training, running and exercising with tropical birds," Du said. The Yuba City man owns a number of birds including three Macaw parrots that regularly exercise with him.

Du coined the term Averxise a few years ago. He is an avid marathon runner and wanted to combine his love for birds and running. The multi-colored Macaws help him get in shape.

"At first, when I ran with them, I got very tired." Du said.

Two of the three Macaws perch on Du's arms with Hope on his right arm and Care on his left. The 7-year-old Macaws are siblings. Thick leather gloves protect Du from their talons and a special harness that attaches to their chest keeps them from flying away.

To warm up, Du and the birds walk from his house to Regency Park in the North part of Yuba City. There is a lot of repetition when Du "Averxises."

First, he lifts the birds up and down like weights. Then, he lifts them above his head and drops is arms. That forces the birds to spread their wings. Once Care and Hope are warmed up, Du holds his arms out and tells them to fly. The parrots flap their wings and take flight. Du sprints across the parks grassy field as the birds pull him forward by their leash.

All of Du's birds are on Averxise rotation. The workout takes him all over Yuba City through a number of public areas.

"Yes... I do get a lot of looks," Du said.

Everyone enjoys the birds and he hopes it inspires others to start exercising.

"I believe Averxising can be a healthy sport for a wide age range," he said.

Joining the Averxise work out is easy. Just message Du on his Facebook page.