WHITEHOUSE, Texas — After Patrick Mahomes lead the Kansas City Chiefs to victory against the Houston Texans 51-31, locals are excited to cheer on the East Texas native in the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

The community of Whitehouse will be holding a community-wide RED OUT on Friday to honor their Whitehouse High School alumni and the Chiefs. 

Whitehouse ISD Athletic Director, Adam Cook, says he’s not surprised about last Sunday's win over the Texans.

“If you know Patrick, you ever got to experience, watching Patrick play here in high school you know hey those guys aren't out of it,” Cook said. "It's been very exciting to see Patrick do what he's doing on the stage in which he's doing it and know that he walked through these hallways.”

Before Cook became Athletic Director, he was one of Mahomes football coaches. He says since the beginning he knew Mahomes was destined for greatness. 

"The arm strength, his ability to recall just about every single play that he's seen,” Cook said. “There were a lot of things about Patrick that you know he had the potential to do great things. The big question was 'What is he going to choose to do?"

Mahomes was a triple-threat, he was a star football player, a star baseball player, and a basketball player. However, Cook says the one thing that set Mahomes apart from others was his character.

“The thing that always stood out to me was the thing that I love was really his leadership," Cook said. "You know, in the way that he was able to make people around him better and he's had that from a very young age."

Now with the AFC Championship game around the corner, Cook along with so many East Texans are ready to support the superstar.

"We're very excited for him to be back especially if you think back on early on in the year he had an injury,” Cook said. “That's the way life is, that's the way a season can be all the ups and downs. And to think of all the emotions we felt to when we first saw him hurt, to now they're one game away from it. He's playing with so much confidence, he's healthy now, so, we're very excited seeing him play this Sunday."

The AFC Championship will air this Sunday at 2:05 p.m. only on CBS19!