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Illegal fireworks crackdown up for discussion at Sacramento County board meeting

County code says that, unless permitted by the state, it is illegal for any individual to launch and store illegal fireworks on their own property.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — On Wednesday, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors is discussing illegal firework fines and penalties for property owners.

The ordinance places accountability for sales and for illegal fireworks on the property owners or people hosting events. 

According to county code, unless permitted by the state, it is illegal for any person to gather or launch illegal fireworks at home or on other private property. Launching illegal fireworks on your own property or other private property is considered a misdemeanor and a public nuisance, according to Sacramento County.

If the ordinance is approved by the Board of Supervisors, it would create new host responsibilities that include penalties with increasing fines and violations for people who have illegal fireworks on their property.

Authorities in Sacramento County say they are trying to prevent potential fires from happening this summer. If approved, the introduction of this ordinance will be continued to May 24 where the board could vote to adopt it. It would go into effect on June 24, before the July 4 holiday.

Anyone caught and identified could see citations and fines including, $1,000 for the first violation, $2,500 for the second violation within one year of the first violation, $5,000 for each additional violation within one year of the first violation and $10,000 for each violation that occurs within the American River Parkway due to its previous fire damage. 

People can still support local stands that supply “safe and sane” fireworks. These fireworks are not launchable, are non-explosive and are tested and approved by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. 

"It's easy to identify legal and illegal fireworks," said Kimberly Nava, spokesperson for Sacramento County. "All legal fireworks are called safe and sane. All legal fireworks that bear the State Fire Marshal seal are legal, safe and sane, and anything that goes up high, travels or explodes is illegal and dangerous." 

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