Louie is back home!

After our story aired Tuesday night, a viewer reached out saying they recognized the man seen on gas station surveillance taking care of the 3-year-old French bulldog.

On Wednesday night, that man met up with Marissa Rittiron to give Louie back to his family. Although the impromptu dogsitter did not want anything in return, the Rittiron’s gave him a “thank you” note and a gift card to the gas station for taking good care of the pup.

Original story:

A Rancho Cordova family is hoping to find the man who found their French bulldog after it got out of their car at a Folsom gas station over the weekend.

Marissa Rittiron told ABC10 that her family was on their way back home to from Folsom Lake on Saturday when they stopped by the Shell gas station off Folsom Boulevard. That's when their 3-year-old Frenchie "Louie" got out.

"When I get gas, I leave the door open," Rittiron explained. "And I'm paying at the pump and I just get my gas. And I hop back in the car, and I get all the way home and just lifted up the blanket and realize Louie's not there laying down anymore."

The family got surveillance video from the gas station, which showed Louie get out and walk by the pumps with his leash still attached before Rittiron drove off not knowing he was gone.

Missing frenchie and kids
A Rancho Cordova family is hoping to find the man who found their French bulldog after it got out of their car at a Folsom gas station.
Ananda Rochita

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In the video you see Louie approaching a man and following him. The man waits around the gas station, gives Louie water, and then puts him in his car. 

The family believes the man was just helping out.

Unfortunately, even if the man tried to find the owners that day, not only did Louie not have his collar with tags on, but his microchip didn't have updated contact information.

It's updated now.

"We just miss him. Whoever finds him... can take him to a shelter, because he is microchipped," Rittiron said. "We're all on alert. If the community can just come together, if you recognize that truck, if you recognize the man, just give him our contact information and let him know that we miss Louie. We just want him back."

The kids even put together all their allowance money for a reward.

If you recognize the man in the video or have any information that could help, the family's phone number is 916-822-0707.

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