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Ripon Police sending donations to Northern California fire victims

The Ripon community is coming together to send trailers full of donations up to victims and evacuees of both the Carr and Mendocino Complex Fires even though they are more than three hours away.

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The Ripon Police Department is stepping up in a big way, collecting trailers full of donations for folks affected by the devastating wildfires burning across Northern California.

They say it was the least they could do for their California neighbors in this time of disaster.

"We all want to help, we just don't know where to start," Officer Elizabeth Forks of the Ripon Police Department said.

More than three hours away from any flames, the small town of Ripon decided they could do more.

"We're all human. This could happen to anyone. It doesn't necessarily mean that, just because we're not in the brush of the fire, it could happen here," Forks said. "We had flooding a couple years back, so we all just need to be able to step up and help out."

They're collecting donations for people affected by the Carr Fire in Redding and the Mendocino Complex Fires in Lake County.

"We're willing to take any opportunity we can to assist each other. This community has stepped up time and time and time again," she said.

Until noon on Friday, the Ripon Police Department is taking any non-perishable items like diapers, wipes, toiletries, gas gift cards, Sterno cans, and so much more.

"A little can help a lot and when we join together. We can really make a difference," Michelle Sudfeld, a donor from Assist International said.

Sudfeld is here coordinating donations from Assist International, a non-profit geared toward helping people in need worldwide.

"So we focus on meeting the needs of our world, even if it's in our local community," she said.

They dropped off seven pallets of supplies this week. That load, combined with help from other local businesses and community members, helped the Ripon Police Department fill two trailers being hand-delivered by the Ripon Police Chief.

"We just want the people that are the victims of these fires to know that we all care very much and we hope that the little bit that we can do will help lighten their burden and their load," she said.

If you'd like to help, drop off donations to the Ripon Police Department located at 259 N. Wilma Avenue in Ripon by 12 p.m. on Friday, August 3, to make it on the next trailer heading to Lake County over the weekend.

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