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Family of Inderkum High's Anthony Williams seeks justice as driver’s identity remains undisclosed

The grassroots group, "Justice for Anthony Williams" allege that a Placer County official is the driver but has hit roadblocks in getting answers.

ROCKLIN, Calif. — Nearly two months after a driver struck and killed star Inderkum High School basketball player, Anthony Williams, 18, Rocklin police said the investigation is still open and the driver's identity will not be released.

Williams' cousin and guardian, Charles Carpenter, said police haven't been forthcoming on the investigation. 

"I don't know why it's taking so long, but they told us that the police report was done but they won't release it to us," Carpenter said. 

The news comes as public outrage begins to brew. Advocates with Justice for Anthony Williams said they believe the person behind the wheel is a Placer County executive, adding to speculation of a cover-up or even special treatment. They said that official should be held to higher standards, and they said the optics only sow public mistrust. 

The group brought their concerns to Rocklin's City Council on Tuesday night. 

"Is the color of Anthony's skin the result that has delayed this investigation? Or is it the high-profile status of the alleged driver?" one person said during public comment. 

Erin Acosta said Williams was like a brother to her son. They had taken Williams in for a time. She said she spoke at the city council meeting to continue to applying public pressure on his case.  

"Who was it? What happened? How did it happen? Was he speeding? Was he under the influence? Nothing. And his family just wants answers," Acosta said. "We're here to help them get those answers that we all require. We demand it."

The advocacy group said a waitress who aided Williams at the scene of the crash and a second person online identified the driver as a top administrator for Placer County. ABC10 could not independently confirm the identity of the driver. Requests to the alleged driver and the county went unanswered. 

Advocates and Carpenter said the radio silence, even to media, is making this tragedy worse for them.

"It's just making us more mad and, you know, sad. That with the loss of Anthony that we can't find no answers as to what happened," Carpenter said. 

Williams was killed on March 19 after a driver struck him on Lonetree Boulevard. 

In collision investigations, even fatal ones, it is standard for law enforcement to only release the name of the driver if there is a DUI arrest or other crime. At the very least, agencies will release the age, gender and city the driver is from, according to a retired CHP sergeant. 

"Anytime there is a tragic loss of life as a result of a vehicle collision, we take the time to conduct a complete investigation," said Rocklin Police Captain Scott Horrillo, in a written statement

No timeline has been set. Horrillo said, once a thorough investigation is complete, they anticipate the district attorney will review it. 

Meanwhile, those who loved Williams said they'll keep fighting. 

"If you hit someone, even if you hit them and it's an accident, there are still consequences. You don't just get to go back to work as business as usual," said Nia Cooper, part of the Justice for Anthony Williams group. 

Advocates said, for them, it's not about blame. It's about justice for Williams, who had his bright future ripped away from him. 

So far, no agency or department has denied the official in question was involved. Advocates said if the driver isn't who they allege it to be, they want to know who. 


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