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Realtor says couple has been stealing during open houses in Roseville area

A second realtor says the pictured couple stole from an open house she was holding in November 2019

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Realtors say a couple pretending to be homebuyers is attending open houses in the Roseville area and stealing things like medication. One realtor says the same couple actually stole ice cream from a home she was showing all the way back in November 2019

Sabina Khan, a realtor with Realty One Group, says the couple stole medication from a Roseville home Saturday.

“This elderly couple came in and they were just asking a lot of questions about, ‘the kitchen is so nice and nice white cabinets,’” Khan said. “Then I heard them go upstairs and I could hear them opening and closing drawers and the husband was talking really loud.”

Khan posted screenshots of surveillance video showing the couple entering and exiting the home. ABC10 is not showing their faces because the duo has not been charged with a crime.

Khan said she’s thankful there was another realtor there with her when the reported theft happened.

“We ran upstairs and then the husband started talking really loud and then he stood in the master bedroom, like he’s blocking our way. Then we could tell that the woman was in the bathroom opening and closing the cabinets,” she said.

The realtors in the house suspected something but say the couple eventually left on their own. The homeowners later discovered the theft.

“Of course they’re mad that that was their daughter’s medicine for her surgery,” Khan said.

She has a message for realtors and homeowners.

“I’m going to share their photos and tell them to just keep an eye out. Keep an eye out and watch out for these people. And I told my clients already, just always, always lock your valuables, put them away. And now for everyone, please put all your medicines away as well,” Khan said.

On the Good Neighbors of Roseville Facebook page, many people said this isn’t the first time the duo has struck. Elizabeth Axelgard, a Roseville-based realtor with Keller Williams, says the couple in question stole ice cream during an open house in a 2019 incident.

“These are the same people, and it’s just frustrating that they’re still out there and still taking advantage of sellers in their homes,” Axelgard said.

She said even in 2019, other agents had already been victimized.

“When I posted it, tons of other agents said, ‘Wait a minute! I've seen those guys. I know them. They’ve been in my house. They took candles,” Axelgard said.

ABC10 reached out to the Roseville Police Department. They said they’ve received three phone calls from realtors who reported stolen items during an open house. However, they say to date, no homeowners have reported a crime. They encourage those who have been victimized to do so.

“I’d like to see them get caught. I mean to me, it’s a violation of someone’s privacy,” Axelgard said.

She also has advice for people selling their homes.

“Just be vigilant. All you can do is keep your eyes and ears open, and advise your clients to make sure they put their valuables away, even their ice cream,” Axelgard said.


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