PLACER COUNTY, Calif. — The Placer County Sheriff’s Department is honoring two individuals for their heroic acts. 

Tyler Metildi and Isabel Pierce will receive Citizen’s Medals of Merit on Monday morning to recognize their quick thinking and right decisions.

In January, Metildi was working at Best Buy as a security officer, when he made a split second decision to help county detective by sprinting toward a dangerous fleeing suspect. Metildi was able to tackle the suspect and detectives were able to take the man into custody. 

Metildi’s story made national headlines after he was fired from Best Buy for violating company policy that says employees can't chase suspects outside of the store. Metildi was later re-offered his job.

According to the a Placer County Sheriff’s Department release, Metilidi is going to be recognized as “a community hero for jumping into action and making the right decision.”

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The second honoree is Isabel Pierce, 8, who is being recognized for saving her father’s life when he was shot during a shooting spree in Placer County.

Pierce was in the car with her dad when he was shot. She saw that he was bleeding from his chest and pointed to her own chest to indicate where he was shot. Her father grabbed his sweat band and placed it over the wound on his chest. Isabel quickly used her hands to hold the sweatband in place over the wound and kept direct pressure on it, as her father activated his OnStar system to call for help.

With Isabel keeping pressure on the wound, he was able to drive to a fire station in Loomis where he received medical attention.

Both heroes will be honored during a ceremony at the Placer County Sheriff’s Department at 10 a.m.

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