She was fired by Kaiser Permanente for comments about Stephon Clark, and now she's asking for help on GoFundMe.

Kaiser Permanente in Roseville on March 30 fired Faith Linthicum, one of their nurses, after she posted controversial remarks on social media regarding the Clark shooting.

According to screenshots posted on Facebook by local activist Christina Arechiga, the employee wrote: "Can we protest the death of the people shot by black people too?" She also allegedly wrote, "Yeah but he was running from the police jumping over fences and breaking in peoples houses...why run??!!! he deserved it for being stupid."

A GoFundMe page was established by someone with the name Faith Linthicum, who claimed to have recently been "fired from my job as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente for exercising my First Amendment right to free speech." She describes herself as a United States Military veteran, serving as a medic before becoming a nurse.

Linthicum set her GoFundMe goal at $25,000 to help pay for rent, food and other expenses.

"Recently, I have been in the news due to a misconception from an activist group here in Sacramento," Linthicum said in her GoFundMe post. "I assure you, and for those that know me, I am not a hateful or discriminatory person. As a person of faith, and a nurse, I love all people and treat everyone equally."

She goes on to say Kaiser Permanente fired her without an investigation into her social media posts or without being able to defend herself.

"I believe Kaiser Permanente violated my First Amendment right to free speech in order to protect themselves from the wrath of these activists," Linthicum said.

The medical center released a statement last week stating:

"Kaiser Permanente does not tolerate hate or discrimination and has a long history of embracing diversity and inclusion -- it remains a place where we welcome everyone. We want to emphasize that the comments expressed by this employee, who is no longer with the organization, do not in any way reflect Kaiser Permanente’s views or actions. We are proud of our Kaiser Permanente care teams and staff who work every day to provide compassionate, high quality care and services to our members and patients."