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Cockroaches in California | What Roseville residents need to know

Thomas Hernandez, a co-owner of AdvANTage pest control in Roseville, said he has been getting calls mainly in West Roseville and old Roseville.
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ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Natalia Jovovich grew up in West Roseville and is home from college. In the past month, she's seen four roaches.

"It's not like it's not an infestation or anything. It's not like a huge deal, but it's just so odd given that we have never seen any in the past up until very, very recently," Jovovich said.

Her parents have lived in the same house in Roseville for 34 years and they haven't seen a cockroach prior to this spring.

"I've never ever dealt with them or even seen them before anywhere near me, and, you know, in the last month I've seen four in my own house, so it's just crazy to me," Jovovich said.

Thomas Hernandez, a co-owner of AdvANTage Pest Control, said he has been getting calls mainly in West Roseville and old Roseville.

"We'll probably have an uptick starting after this warming trend," Hernandez said.

Hernandez said he gets more calls for roaches mainly in the spring and summer months because when the soil starts to dry up, roaches go into garages seeking a damp environment. The pesky critters, he said, usually come out of water or near sewer covers. 

"Especially if you're not wanting pest control, I would at least call the city even if there's a couple here and there," Hernandez said.

Maurice Chaney, Roseville's public information officer for environmental utilities, told ABC10 roaches can be found in dark, damp places, and a sewer system is often an ideal environment.

"For this reason, we actually spray manholes often, about 1,000 annually. And when we receive customer calls, we add nearby manholes to the list for treatment," Chaney said, adding the city treats existing sewer lines and residents can let them know if there are issues in their area.

"Part of the issue is that, given drought conditions, we often see more insects out looking for available water," Chaney wrote.

Roseville residents who have issues with their sewer lines can call the city at 916-774-5750.

Here are tips on how residents can prevent roaches:

Akoni Berman, the Director of Quality Control for EcoGuard Pest Management shared these tips.

  • Keep up with sanitation and good housekeeping practices both inside and outside
  • Store food properly and do not leave food remnants out in your home
  • Keep your lawn well-kept and free of debris
  • Empty garbage regularly
  • Mop your floor regularly
  • Ensure you do not have any sources of leaks or standing water

Here's what to do if you spot roaches in your home:

  • Leaving out sticky traps around the home
  • Leaving out bait traps around the home
  • Mopping the floor
  • Cleaning out drains
  • Removing any left out cat or dog food
  • Calling a professional pest control company to help with cockroach extermination

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