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Where do most car accidents happen in Roseville?

Based on the Roseville Police Department's annual summary, in 2021 there were 1,195 collisions and the top location was at Douglas Boulevard and Sunrise Avenue.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — The Roseville Police Department released its annual summary for 2021 that includes crime statistics, budget allocation and more.

One of the aspects of the summary includes a breakdown of traffic accidents.

"Traffic is one of our top concerns across the city. Even with traffic volumes increasing throughout the community, in recent years we’ve actually seen a reduction in traffic collisions," Police Chief Troy Bergstrom wrote in the summary.

According to the summary, last year there were 1,195 collisions compared to 1,241 collisions in 2020 and 1,677 collisions in 2019.

Top 10 car accident locations

  1. Douglas Boulevard / Sunrise Avenue
  2. Riverside Avenue / Cirby Road
  3. Galleria Boulevard /Roseville Parkway  
  4. Sunrise Avenue / Cirby Way
  5. Pleasant Grove Boulevard  / Highland Pointe Drive
  6. Pleasant Grove Boulevard / Fiddyment Road
  7. Pleasant Grove Boulevard  / Foothills Boulevard  
  8. Foothills Boulevard / Baseline Road / Main Street
  9. Pleasant Grove Boulevard / Roseville Parkway  
  10. East Roseville Parkway / Taylor Road

According to Bergstrom, the number one cause of traffic accidents was excessive speed.

Read the full 2021 summary HERE.


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