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Roseville drivers frustrated over cracked windshields as weather makes road repairs difficult

Caltrans plans to start fixing the areas causing problems on I-80 between Douglas and Sierra College Boulevards in April.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Several people in Roseville have reported cracked windshields after driving near Highway 65 and Interstate 80.

For a woman living in Roseville, this stretch of road is all too familiar. Susan Williams-Woody was surprised when days after her husband's windshield was cracked along I-80 near the Atlantic Street off-ramp, her windshield was cracked in the same area. She went on Facebook and shared her experience alongside a photo of her cracked windshield.

"I couldn't believe how many other people had the same exact experience on that same stretch of the freeway," Williams-Woody said.

By the time she got her windshield replaced, Williams-Woody said the crack continued expanding.

Credit: Susan Williams-Woody

Since her post, hundreds of people have posted and commented online, saying they're the latest victim to get a cracked windshield after driving along this stretch of I-80.

Williams-Woody said her husband and other people reported the issue to Caltrans and the next week she noticed the debris was gone. However, shortly after she was driving along the same stretch and found the debris had returned.

Steve Nelson, a spokesperson for Caltrans, said there are sections of I-80 with loose gravel that are causing an increase in cracked windows.

"We are sweeping it multiple times a day, but we can’t repave the area in winter weather conditions," Nelson wrote in an email to ABC10.

While Caltrans works to address the issue, cars are still getting damaged. 

Williams-Woody said about a year ago while she was driving in a similar area on I-80, something shattered her sunroof, which she said was odd and scary, but not something Caltrans was responsible for.

"I didn't go after Caltrans for that because it was kind of a fluke. I don't feel that this is a fluke. I feel that this is an actual problem," Williams-Woody said.

She said the amount of debris on the road is not like anything she's experienced before. Williams-Woody said she's still getting notifications from impacted people commenting on one of her original posts from February 8.

"These are common areas that we travel on every day, Roseville residents, Lincoln residents, any resident, and then the sheer number of people that have been negatively impacted by the road conditions here is really alarming," Williams-Woody said.

Nelson said Caltrans plans to start grinding down the areas causing problems in April. Repairs will be made to areas on both eastbound and westbound I-80 between Douglas Boulevard and Sierra College Boulevard, which includes the area near the Atlantic Street off-ramp.

Credit: Susan Williams-Woody
Susan Williams-Woody said her husband's windshield was cracked after driving along part of I-80 just before the Atlantic Street offramp.

Several people shared stories online of their windshields being chipped multiple times in the same spot. 

"I thought I was losing it! Definitely a problem there! I got a big ole chip in my windshield last week from that exact spot! Then, happened again a few days ago! Not happy!" Louise Wright commented.

Facebook users reported needing to have their windshields replaced only to find wait times taking two to three weeks.

"We are seeing an increase in repairs and replacements due to the current weather situation. Wait times typically fluctuate, but have also been impacted by the rain in our region," a spokesperson for Safelite in California told ABC10.

Some people have filed claims with Caltrans and are waiting to see if they will be reimbursed.

"Under California law, Caltrans does not insure vehicles for damage on state highways. Drivers in California must exercise caution on all roads and carry adequate automobile insurance. Claims for cracked windows should be filed with their insurance agency. There have been some misleading media reports that Caltrans is “paying out up to $10,000” for claims filed with the department, but those reports are inaccurate," Nelson told ABC10.

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