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'Roseville is the place to be' | Planned housing projects to bring vibrancy to downtown

Wayne Wiley, the economic development manager for the city, says over the next five years, there could be upwards of 400 additional units in historic downtown.
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The Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce works to keep businesses engaged with one another.

Revitalization in downtown Roseville has been an ongoing project spanning several years. 

"I mean, heck, if you walk downtown now on a Thursday or Friday night compared to even three years ago, let alone five years ago, it has a different feel," Wayne Wiley, the economic development manager for the city of Roseville, told ABC10.

Roseville's City Council adopted the downtown-specific plan in 2008 that outlined a framework to improve the downtown areas. 

Wiley said it's a long process for the revitalization and infrastructure improvements to be done, but now these projects are starting to come together. Over the last 15 years, more than $150 million has been invested into infrastructure and capital improvements, beautification of the downtown and more, according to Wiley.

Those improvements have helped lay the groundwork to start new projects.

Here are some of the new development projects in the works to revitalize downtown Roseville.

Development Projects

Affordable Senior Housing Units

One of the projects is creating an affordable housing complex for seniors where the old downtown courthouse used to be. The former courthouse was demolished in February 2021 to make room for new developments. 

Wiley said he is working with an affordable housing developer from the Bay Area to develop the vacant site. If the negotiations are successful, Wiley said there would be a complex with 50-plus-units of senior affordable housing.

Former Fire Station Site

The city is also working on developing the site of the former fire station. 

Wiley said the city put out a request for those who are interested in purchasing and developing the old fire station site to submit their proposals. The proposal period closes Friday, Nov. 19, and at that point, the city will review the plans. To get the site ready, the city is planning to demolish the site in December 2021.

"That way once we go through that request for proposal (RFP) process and ultimately sell it to someone, it's gonna be shovel ready," Wiley said.

Former Post Office Site

Wiley said the city sold the former post office property last year and a developer's mixed-use plan was approved for about 58 housing units, a ground floor of retail apartments or condominiums, as well as rooftop use.

"There's a lot going on, and an interesting thing there is, you know, over the next five years or so, there could be upwards of 400 additional units in our downtown historic downtown area, and so that equates to almost another 800 or so residents living in our downtown, adding to the vibrancy and patronage of our businesses," Wiley said.

Those 400 units would include a mix of affordable housing and market-rate housing.

"We anticipate over the next five years there's going to be significant new residential development in our downtown now, granted, I don't have a crystal ball. If there's a recession or when that recession hits, you know that obviously can impact the development timeframe or horizon," Wiley said.

Wiley said these projects contribute to the overarching plan of revitalization, which multiple organizations take part in, including parks and recreation.

"This has been a team effort, right? There's a lot of players that have been involved in helping get us to where we are, and going to continue to help us to get to where we want to be," Wiley said.

Anyone can find more information on current and upcoming development projects HERE.


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