Roseville Police are looking for two men who allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in Old Roseville.

Diamond Tsurkan owns a salon in that area. She said she used to go out there before she had kids.

"It's a little scary," said Tsurkan.

It's a similar reaction from other people around the area.

Julie Bornhoeft who works with survivors of sexual assaults in an organization called WEAVE. She said cases like these are more common than we may think.

"We do hear from survivors that they know a drug was placed in their drink," Bornhoeft said. "The know someone waited and bought them drinks for the purpose of sexual assault."

She told ABC10 that sometimes it happens between people who know each other.

"There are incidents across the country of where there have been drug facilitated sexual assaults by someone that the victim trusted," Bornhoeft said. "The reality is in sexual assaults 75% of sexual assault victims knew who their assailant was."

Bornhoeft also said what's different in this case is that someone reported it to the police. Other times the victim doesn't remember what happened or doesn't want to come forward.