ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Editor's note: This story is from April 12, 2019. On July 23, 2019, Roseville Police posted another warning about these fliers on Facebook.

Roseville Police are warning people in the area about a curb painting fliers that give a "false impression" that residents should paint their address in front of their home.

The police department posted a photo of an official-looking notice a local resident found on their door. The notice was bright yellow and said home address numbers were going to be professionally painted along their street. It added that the cost would be $15 -- for which residents would get their address painted in "black numerals on fluorescent white background with an American flag" -- and that they pay nothing until the job is done.

The question is: Does everyone need to do this?

The answer is: No.

Across the country, there have been stories of people distributing similar kinds of notices making it seem like homeowners need to comply. In some cases, scammers reportedly just painted addresses without telling the homeowner and then knocked on the door acting like a city worker and demanding money.

Recently a concerned resident sent us this photo/flier which was posted on his garage. Here's what you need to know about curb painting and solicitation fliers. Painting of curbs with street...

As for Roseville specifically, police there say the painting of curbs with street numbers is not required -- and is not even allowed.

"Curbs are located within the City Right of Way and painting them is not permitted as it is considered defacing public property," the Roseville PD post said. "Curb painting is not required by the City and these fliers have no affiliation with the City of Roseville. However, in order to leave a flier on private property, they do need a valid solicitors permit from the Police Department."

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Because of that, police are now asking people to alert them if they see people from this curb painting company. 

But, what about other cities?

In Sacramento, for instance, city code says it is against the law for any person to paint addresses on a curb without first obtaining permission from the property owners. Anyone doing this also needs a valid permit.

Overall, specific rules vary. But across the board, be wary if you find yourself getting a notice similar to the one posted by Roseville PD. 

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