For the city of Roseville, homelessness lingers.

The Roseville City Council is expected to hear results at its meeting Wednesday evening of a survey conducted between August and September 2016, asking 123 homeless people in the city questions on everything from use of health care to criminal justice systems.

Among the findings, 75 percent of those surveyed have been homeless for at least a year.

"The solution is to get people into homes as quickly as possible," Roseville City Councilman Scott Alvord said. "These are human beings."

The survey's results didn't surprise Alvord, who referenced an earlier study on Placer County homelessness, conducted between December 2014 and January 2015 by homeless expert Dr. Robert G. Marbut.

That study shows that the county has a chronic homeless population that is almost three times the national average.

The city, which contracted with Sacramento Steps Forward for the survey, does list some things that could be done to address homelessness, such as an affordable housing development on Washington Boulevard near the Roseville Hotel property, but the City Council has yet to take action on that.