A Roseville special education teacher is accused of abusing special-needs students at Kaseberg Elementary School, according to court documents News10 received from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California. Parents then claim the school failed to tell them about it after the allegations came to light.

Those documents show two sets of parents filed a lawsuit, accusing Theresa Vanwagner of routine physical, verbal and emotional abuse on their children. The parents allege Vanwagner slapped, hit, pulled their children by their hair and by their ears, and screamed at them.

The children involved in the complaint were placed in Vanwagner's classroom in September 2013. Both kids were diagnosed with autism and had very limited communication skills, according to the documents.

Roseville police was contacted in December 2013 about allegations against Vanwagner and began investigating, according to Jamie Moss with the Hinton Alfert and the Todd Boley Law Firm, which is representing the parents. Officers reportedly learned Vanwagner had been terminated in November 2013.

Moss said police, during the course of their investigation, told the superintendent to alert parents about the allegations, and investigation. The parents claim no one was told.

News10 contacted Roseville City School District and was told Vanwagner no longer works in the district.

Court documents state the parents were unaware anything in the classroom was wrong until they received a criminal protective order in September 2014, which notified them that Vanwagner should have no contact with their children. Both families sought legal help when they were unable to get details of the protective order.

Vanwagner is being criminally prosecuted on these allegations on three counts of child abuse for her treatment of her students by the Placer County District Attorney's Office.

Parents have filed a lawsuit against the Roseville City School District, assistant superintendent Jerrold Jorgensen, and preschool program coordinator George Rooks, claiming they had complete disregard upon learning of the abuse, and their unresponsiveness to Vanwagner's illegal behavior, Moss said.