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Roseville police warn shoppers of increase in area wallet thefts

Roseville police said that there have been multiple reports of wallets stolen out of shopping carts in the last two weeks.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — In the last two weeks, the Roseville Police Department said they've gotten multiple reports of people's wallets being stolen from shopping carts.

According to a Facebook post, most of the reports have been a "team of three thieves" who work together to distract their victims while one of them steals the wallet from a purse in a shopping cart. Usually the victim is an older woman.

Police say that the thieves have been buying "high dollar amount gift cards" quickly after stealing the wallets. It usually happens before the victims know that their wallet is missing.

Because of these incidents, the Roseville Police Department is offering some tips to make sure people don't get their wallets stolen while shopping.

  1. Carry your purse with you.
  2. Leave your purse at home and only carry your ID, necessary cash, check or credit cards and keep them in your pocket.
  3. Don't leave your purse unattended in your shopping cart.
  4. Always keep your purse in sight.
  5. Be aware of who is around you.
  6. Be wary of strangers who approach you for any reason.
  7. Shop with a family member or friend.

Roseville police say that if you do find that your wallet is missing, call your bank and credit card companies to notify them of the issue. Then call the police to report the thefts.

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