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Sacramento gamers unite for one weekend creating video games

48 hours to make a video game. Could you do it?

This is an annual event throughout the globe.

People are given a theme starting at 5 p.m. for their time zone and then start brainstorming to create a video around the given theme.

They have 48 hours to finish. This year's theme is transmission.

Brent Bartlett of Rocklin is spending time with his twin sons creating a game.

"We have 48 hours so we'll do some stuff tonight," Bartlett said. "If I can get out of here tonight with the concept of what kind of game we want to make, and the general theme, and our theme has a general understanding of what we're gonna do I'll feel like tonight was successful."

The Bartletts teamed up with another person to create a game around transmitting a disease.

Most of the work Friday night was brainstorming and on Sunday all of the games have to be uploaded by 5 p.m. their time zone.

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